Iran's best quality flat-woven silk and wool rugs are made in Sirjan (seer-JOHN) in the south-central state of Kerman (ker-MAWN). Sirjan kilims, known as the best examples of Persian kilims, are more expensive but they also do better in gaining in value. They are sometimes washed with walnuts and tea to give them a more worn look.
Antique Tribal Saddle Bag (Khorjun)AT-af-1427Antique Tribal Saddle Bag (Khorjun)$0.00Antique Tribal Saddle Bag (Khorjun)AT-af-1438Antique Tribal Saddle Bag (Khorjun)$0.00Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1612Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00
KilimAT-af-2213Kilim$0.00Shikili KilimAT-af-0529Shikili Kilim$0.00Shilaki Antique KilimAT-af-1031Shilaki Antique Kilim$0.00
Shilaki KilimAT-af-1032Shilaki Kilim$0.00Shilali KilimAT-af-1033Shilali Kilim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1606Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00
Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1607Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1608Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1611Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00