The gabbeh-gelim is the fusion of the kilim, which is flat-woven, and the gabbeh, which is knotted pile. The pile areas and the stark colors give this work of art a 3-dimensional, eclectic look. Gabbeh-gelims (aka gabbeh-kilims) come from the Shīrāz area in central Iran, woven by tribal and nomadic women who, using wool colored in synthetic and natural dyes, recreate whatever comes to mind or see in their environment. Lush greens, deep blues, strong yellows and crimson red dyes are used to depict rivers, hills, animals, and the tents of the nomads.

Azerbaijan Souzani KilimAT-af-1045Azerbaijan Souzani Kilim$0.00Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1612Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1620Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00
Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1624Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00KilimAT-af-1273Kilim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-0474Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00
Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-0474Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1240Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00Shiraz Gabbeh-GelimAT-af-1243Shiraz Gabbeh-Gelim$0.00